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The Bottoms Up Band Rocking All of Northwest Florida

The Bottoms Up Band plays in the Destin, Florida area. Our set list of music ranges from Van Halen to Carrie Underwood back to Aerosmith and Journey.

The Bottoms Up Band The Bottoms Up Band

Meet the Band Professional Drinkers & Partiers


Ashley Wing

Lead Singer

Ashley can sing the phone book but breaks up when she gets to Phill McCrevace.


Preston Morelock


Preston says he plays the guitar as good as he plays with himself!


Matthew Oakley


Matt likes Bass Fishing, drinking Bass Ale, and wearing Bass Shoes. Weird, eh?


Derek Givans


Derek syncs the band with his constant beating... his wife does the same to him!

Latest Band News What's going on with BUB?

Billy Bowlegs Was Incredible!

We really had a great time at the Billy Bowlegs festival this weekend!! We want to thank the city Chamber for hiring us and giving us the opportunity for the event.. Also, we really appreciate the hospitality of Cabo Rock!! What a great band and a bunch of great guys.. We hope to share the stage with them again some day.. And to those who came out to the show, THANK YOU & BOTTOM'S UP!!!

New BUB Site Launched

It's been some time coming, but the new site is up and running!  We will still be tweaking the layout and content over the next few weeks so keep checking back to see what's new.

Listen Up!

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What to Expect From BUB This is how we roll and Make Things Happen


You should expect professionalism from all bands. BUB provides the services that you request and act in a manner that is appropriate for the event.  We start and finish on-time!

Local Fans

If you need an audience at your event, then BUB can bring the noise!  BUB has a huge network of local fans that we can contact through Facebook, Twitter, and Reverb Nation.

Lower Costs

When you hire BUB, we stay local and support local businesses.  This saves money because we want to help grow the local music scene. By being local and affordable, BUB is relevant and noteworthy to those who are planning on attending your event.

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